Things to see at the Louvre Besides the Mona Lisa

The Louvre is a fantastic museum. On a boat tour in Paris I was told if you stood in front of every piece in the Louvre for three seconds, it would take you three months to see everything.

In recent years the audio guide is on a Nintendo DS. This gives you an interactive 3D map along with direction on the screen of how to get to any piece of art from where you currently are. There are also pictures on the screen of what you’re looking at or what something might have looked like. 

This last time I went to the Louvre I didn’t see a single painting. There are many other impressive things to see besides the Mona Lisa. The first special thing on my list is on the ground floor. The remnants of the original buildings ramparts are still visible. I always love walking through an old building.

Another thing I always enjoy are the Greek and Roman statues. Winged Victory and the Venus de Milos are just a few of the amazing marble statues on display. Recently I discovered a hall of greek pots that take up about six rooms. I spent lots of time exploring the stories told on many of the pots, bowls and jugs.

The Egyptian wing is one of my favorite places to explore. There are mummies, jewelry and games included in the exhibition. They also have writing instruments as well as small and large statues.  There is a display showing you how to read some hieroglyphics. This section is also filled with sarcophagi, wall paintings and mummies of humans and animals. 

Napoleon’s Apartment is amazing. It is as elaborate as you might imagine. There’s a music room, sitting room, throne room, bedrooms and a huge dining room with seating for forty. Make sure you look up for the elaborately painted ceilings. 

I always enjoy seeing jewels at any museum. 

The Petit Louvre is a section within the Louvre where they show small or traveling exhibits. They are always changing so make sure you check the Louvre website before you go to see what’s on. I was able to see an exhibit called “Corps en Mouvement”, English translation: “Body in Motion”.  All the sculptures and paintings revolved around people and animals in motion, many of them dancing.

Take a moment to look at the windows. You get a great view of the pyramid and other courtyards. I also always go in through the Louvre Carousel. It’s an underground shopping area and the lines through security are always much shorter. When in doubt, see some paintings. 

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